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BBC News: PM warns voters of 'stark choice'
Monday 30th March 2015
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About DISC Chicksands

Home of the Intelligence Corps, Chicksands is one of the most striking military bases in the UK. The centrepiece is the remarkable 12th century Gilbertine Priory, which was home to both nuns and monks for 400 years.
Following the dissolution of the monasteries in 1538 the Priory came into the ownership of the Osborn family. It remained in the family for a further 338 years before being sold to the War Office in 1938. Ever since then it has been associated with intelligence operations.
Chicksands was one of many Y Stations, where the German coded signals were intercepted before being passed to Bletchley Park (Station X) for decryption. For 45 years it was the home of the United States Air Force Security Unit - they now share space in The Military Intelligence Museum with two other unique intelligence collections. The site remains firmly linked with Military Intelligence and Counter Intelligence.

Chicksands Camp is situated on the borders of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, with easy access to the M1 and A1, London is approximately 45 minutes away by train. Chicksands’ key business is training, and the Defence College of Intelligence (DCI) trains personnel in Security, Languages, Intelligence and Photography (SLIP) disciplines in support of UK Defence Operational Capability.

Chicksands has a well-equipped gymnasium and the Library contains an Army Learning Centre with Internet access available to all. There is a Sports & Social Club on site for use by all ranks as well as an Officers Mess, Sergeants Mess and Junior Ranks Club. There is also a Spar shop and Barbers on site. The Gilbertine Centre, houses the Church of Gilbert of Sempringham, the HIVE, Unit Welfare Office, the Community Development Worker and the WRVS Coffee Shop. There is also Costa Coffee Shop is located in the foyer of the DISC Theatre. Having close links with RAF Henlow, Chicksands personnel and dependents are able to use their facilities including the swimming pool and squash courts.

The information on this site has been compiled from various sources accessible on the internet:  acknowledgements are due to The British Army Website, the HIVE website, and Wikipedia
The site is intended to be an impartial and useful source of information about the Forces Base and surrounding area for members of HM Armed Forces, their families and civilians working on the Base. There should be nothing of a sensitive nature as everything here is readily available on the internet.  If you spot anything that is out of date or just plain wrong, please
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